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auto-translate Medieval Yakusho Jodo Shrine Yuri Shrine Toyama flourished as a famous temple of the Tendai Buddha but it was temporarily abandoned during the Warring States period, but the law lamp temporarily aborted but the 13th year of Astronomy (1544) reconstruction of honorary lord revived and turned into Jodo sect. It is reported that Honjyu is the work of the priest Ryuki in Yakushi Yakushi. In addition, as the plague epidemic of Emperor Shomu in the Nara period was epidemic, it was told that the row base which received the imperial order traveled around various places and carved the medicine Nursery and settled and cured the disease treatment method, It is one of the three major pharmacists, alongside the Hoin Temple in Mikawa&39;s country, and the crab ceremony shop in Kanagawa gun (Hankoji temple). In Terauchi there are many Buddhist statues besides Yakushi Nyorai, and furthermore, such as the provision of private faith is settled, and it shows the magnificence of the faith in the past. The gym is also known as Yamanaka pharmacist, and since ancient times it has become famous as a phytotherapist of child insects, and the person&39;s legs are constant. In the precincts there was a weeping cherry tree (the log was a large droop cherry tree three hundred years old, but now the tree is the second generation as it fell on the Ise Bay typhoon in 1929) Every year in the season It is said to have blown an elegant flower and let the minds of the people walking on the highway stink. Naoyuki is said to have rooted what strangled the branches of the cherry blossoms that Kiso Yoshinaka got up to Kyonji in the way he grabbed. In addition, there is a phrase of Basho of "Bamboo is the mountain road of sunrise on the side of the incense to the incense on the bank of the fountain in the precincts", and I went on a journey with a thought on the steep mountain of Kiso Road with his disciples being shaken by the horse&39;s back. I will. Since Ochiai lodging is a hotel in Nakasendo, there were a lot of traffic such as Daimyo and noble women etc. In particular, when married to Kyoto from Shogun&39;s house in Edo etc, I got through Nakasendo way to avoid Tokaido and got back to Zenkoji temple and Otaki Lecture When people dropping in from Kozo Road from here to pray for the safety of traveling, Yasanaka Yakushi went on a safe and healthy road safely in the family safe passage and went on a journey.

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auto-translate 中世纪的役所寺院净土神社尤里神社富山作为天台大佛的一座着名寺庙盛行,但在战国时期暂时被废弃,但法灯暂时中止,但天文学(1544年)荣誉重建的第十三年重建,变成了净土教派。据报道,本敷是药师药师里的祭司龙雪的作品。另外,由于奈良时代的吐蕃的疫病流行,有人告诉说,接受皇朝命令的基地遍布各地,刻药堂,定居治病的治疗方法,这是三河县境内的海陵寺和神奈川郡(汉光寺)的蟹派店之外的三大药剂师之一。在寺内,除了药师之友之外,还有很多佛像,而且私人信仰的提供也得到了解决,显示了过去信仰的辉煌。健身房也被称为山中药师,自古以来就以儿童昆虫的植物治疗师而闻名,人的腿也不变。在那里,有一棵垂枝的樱花树(原木是三百年前的一棵大樱桃树,但是现在这棵树是第二代,因为它在1929年落在伊势湾台风上)每年的季节据说吹了一朵优雅的花朵,让人们在高速公路上行走的心情发臭。据说,直树曾经用抓住的方式把吉野木曾起身到京原的樱花树枝掐死了。另外,还有一句话是“竹子就是朝着喷泉边上的香熏香的那边的日出山路”,我就带着他的门徒在马背上震动,想到了木曾路陡峭的山上去了一趟旅程。我会的。因为落合住宿是中生堂的酒店,所以大名,贵族等的交通很多,特别是从江户的幕府的家中嫁到京都的时候,他们没有去东海道,经过中谷堂的路,还参观了善光寺和大太鼓讲座当人们从这里从Kozo路上下来为了旅行的安全而祈祷时,Yasanaka Yakushi在家庭安全通道里安全地走上了一条安全健康的道路,然后出发了。

山中薬師 浄土宗瑠璃山 医王寺

當山はもと天台宗 の名刹として栄えたが戦国時代に兵乱にあい法燈は一時中絶したが天文十三年(1544)正誉存徹が再興し浄土宗に転じたという。本尊は薬師如来 で名僧行基 の作と伝えられる。
 又奈良時代聖武天皇 の御代諸国に疫病が流行したので勅命をうけた行基が各地を巡り薬師如来を刻んで安置し病気の治療法を伝授したと伝えられ之医王寺もその一つであると云い三河の国の鳳来寺、可児郡御嵩の蟹薬師(願興寺)と並んで三大薬師 の一つである。寺内には薬師如来のほか多くの仏像があり、さらに民間信仰の庚申等安置され往時の信仰の盛大さを物語っている。又医王寺は山中薬師とも呼ばれ古来より子供の虫封じの薬師として名高く人足が絶えない。境内には枝垂れ桜があり、(原木は樹齢三百年の大きなしだれ桜であったが昭和三十四年(1929)の伊勢湾台風で倒れたので今の木が二代目となる)毎年季節になると風雅な花を咲かせ街道を歩く人々の心をなごませたとされる。尚之木は木曽義仲 が京に上る途次手にした桜の枝を逆さに刺したものが根づいたと伝えられている。尚境内泉水のほとりに「梅が香にのっと日の出の山路かな」の芭蕉 の句碑があり、弟子を連れ馬の背にゆられて急峻な木曽路の山峡をどんな思いで旅を続けたのであろう。
落合宿 は中山道の一宿であるから大名や高貴な女性などの通行が多かった特に京都から江戸の将軍家に嫁入る場合等は東海道をさけて中山道を経由した 又善光寺詣りや御嶽講の連中などここから木曽路へ入る人々が旅の安全を祈願しに立ち寄った際には之山中薬師で家内安全 道中無事 無病息災を祈って旅立っていった。


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